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lil vent time posted in here since ull all understand best!

ive been doing alot of thinking tonite about alot of important things.
i think that i am angry and bitter. i am sarcastic and overly mean sometimes because
its insecurity that makes me say mean shit about other girls cause in reality 50 percent of the time i just dont fucking like myself.
another thing though is is that i feel like i am a realist. i have my dreams and such but i am a down to earth person. i can be a bitch i can be too serious at times. i make fun of people because some people are just stupid. some people try to make me feel bad sometimes saying im too bitchy and that i am mean but i dont think so. im being real i cant deal with stupid petty bullshit i hate ditsy girls. if ur a ditz and that is just truly how u are and u are a nice person fine ill like you just fine. for example Jess Snow. but if you are a bright person who acts flaky for attention i cant deal with you and i will pick on you cause you deserve it. and i wont feel bad. anyone with half a brain knows it and im the one who will say it. that is who i am that is HOW i am. thats how my close friends are damn thats how my parents are. people need to wake up!!! u cant be nice to everyone! not everyone is nice to me
NOW, i dont go out of my way to be nastily CRUEL but i like to bring up things i see. when i see someone acting fucking dumb or acting dumb ill say a funny. who cares we all do it it dont make us bitchy
even if it does
who the fuck cares
id rather be a bitch then a fuccking airhead
i shouldnt judge people sometimes i dont think that ill like people but then ill get to know them and realise that they are awesome. that is something i need to work on. im not talking bout all of the time i dislike people, just most of the time.
god im turning into my mother.... LOL
and im fucking proud of it!!!!!!!!!
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